Bearing Supports

Every screw assembly functionally requires a means of supporting the rotational axis of the screw and absorbing the radial and axial force components, e.g.

- Bearing support utilizing rolling element bearings
- Sleeve and rolling element bearing combination
- Static screw mounted into a structure with a rotating nut

It is recommended that only axial force vectors are transmitted directly into the axis of the ball screw to obtain optimal and in some instances functional performance & longevity.

All of our bearing mounts are furnished sealed and greased from the factory.

- Bearing mounts can be shipped loose for customer installation or preassembled to the screw at our factory.
- If shipped loose for customer installation, please note that the bearings have an interference fit to the shaft and that installation procedures in accordance with those recommended by rolling element bearing manufacturers need to be implemented. Please consult our factory for additional detail.

Custom Bearing Supports
Rockford Ball Screw works closely with our customers to design, engineer, and manufacturecustomer bearing supports for unique applications. Custom bearing support examples:

- Tapered roller bearings
- Thrust bearing arrangements
- Spherical roller bearings
- Multiple angular contact bearing stacks

Contact Rockford Ball Screw to request a thorough review of your application.

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