Bridgeport Retrofit Kits

These Tough, Bridgeport Retrofit Kits Offer Many Features...


High-Capacity, Long-Life:

Each ball nut assembly of the Rockford preloaded unit has one circuit of 3 1/2 turns of ball bearings. It will provide a load life expectancy of 50 million inches of travel at an operating load of 400 pounds. The screw and nut assemblies are made of hardened steel.

Precision-Rolled Ball Screws:

Lead accuracy is guaranteed to be within .003 inches per foot accumulative. Lead charts for programming lead error on n/c applications are available.

Preloaded Ball Nuts:

Each ball nut is preloaded to eliminate lost motion. This system stiffness provides faster response from a control command. This added stiffness also allows heavier cuts and climb milling thus increasing productivity. The Rockford preload is adjustable. This feature permits readjustment for wear and reduces the need for repair or replacement at some time in the future.

Brush-Type Wipers:

Brush-type wipers, at the ends of each preloaded ball nut assembly prevents entry of dirt and metal chips.

Easy-Access Lubrication:

Lubrication of ball nuts made easy through 5 ⁄ 32” holes in the flanges. These holes provide for attachment of existing lube tubing.<.p>

High-Strength Housing:

The high-strength support housing reduces lost motion. The ductile iron housing reduces cross-slide deflection to less than 50% of the original installation. The housing is fully machined and ready to bolt in.

Easy Installation:

Installation procedure is simple and typical installation time is 1–2 hours.

Kits in Stock:

Any Table Size (Manual or Power Feed). Clone Mill Kits are made to order.

Angular Contact Bearings:

Angular contact bearings and spacer sets for replacement of original radial bearings (reduce backlash and increase rigity). PART NUMBER BRP-7204



Bridgeport Kit Specifications & Part Numbering

Part # Table Stroke A Dim. Lead   Part # Table Stroke A Dim. Lead
BRP-2209 9.00 21.00 .200 LH   BRP-2212 12.00 24.00 .200 LH

Pat # Table Size A Dim. Lead
BRP-2232 32.00 42.00 .200 RH
BRP-2236 36.00 46.00 .200 RH
BRP-2242 42.00 52.00 .200 RH
BRP-2248 48.00 58.00 .200 RH

Part # Table Size A Dim. Lead   Part # Table Size A Dim. Lead
BRP-2232PF 32.00 36.25 .200 RH   BRP-2242PF 42.00 46.25 .200 RH
BRP-2236PF 36.00 40.25 .200 RH   BRP-2248PF 48.00 52.25 .200 RH


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