Rockford Linear Motion supplies all of the linear guide rails to meet the needs of our customer's custom length requirements.

Profile Guide Rails

Rockford Linear Motion's unique profile guide rail design allows both the Standard Profile (RPGH) and Low-Profile (RPGS) series of linear bearing blocks to be installed on a common profile linear guide rail. Therefore customers using both standard and low-height systems will only need to stock one type of guide rail. Rockford Profile Linear Guide Rails also have datum location reference surfaces ground on both sides, which permit universal mounting of linear guidance systems. RLM will supply product machined to any length to suit our customer's needs. The bearing tracks are hardened at 56 to 62 Rockwell. RLM also provides a variety of coatings for our products to meet the range of environments our customers present us.

Profile Guide Rails provide accurate, stable, and smooth linear guidance under a wide range of speeds, loads, conditions, and space requirements.

Markets Served Include:

  • Medical
  • Factory Automation
  • Material Handling
  • Transportation
  • Food Processing

Joined Rails

At times, the customer's design requires a rail exceeding 4000mm in length. When this happens, RLM will machine and match multiple ends of the linear guide rails to meet the proper length. This maintains the normal rail bolt hole spacing while giving the customer a machined match at the point where the rails are joined.

In joined rail applications, it is preferred to have a rail locating or datum surface to assist in proper alignment across the joined sections and provide additional stability.

For assembly purposes, the corresponding mating end of each rail will be identified with an alpha numeric numbering system as show in illustration below. This illustration shows several design dimensions that will be required prior to supplying a joined rail system.