Rockford Ball Screw is a leader in linear motion solutions and has one of highest levels of customer service in the industry. Customers have direct access to the RBS Tech Team- sales, development and engineering - to support their requirements with personalized customer service.

Sales & Technical Support

Rockford Ball Screw’s Tech Team is committed to establishing requirements and designing a program for success across the entire design cycle- from prototyping through production. Extensive engineering expertise, specially trained staff, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility work in concert to effectively fulfill customer needs- whether they require standard or custom offerings. Rockford Ball Screw is an ISO 9001 Registered company, dedicated to continuous improvement and total customer satisfaction.

Contact Info

Phone: (815) 961-7700

Toll Free: (800) 475-9532

Fax: (815) 961-7701

RBS Support Team

Bill Powers

Sales & Customer Service Manager

815-961-7700 x246

Regina Klikas

Customer Service & Inside Sales Specialist

815-961-7700 x210

Conan Donnellan

Customer Service & Inside Sales Specialist

815-961-7700 x253

Chris Salamone

Senior Sales Engineer


Ron Axon

New Products Engineering Manager

Andy O'Connnell

Principle Engineer

815-961-7700 x211

David Kennington

Quality Control Manager

815-961-7700 x235