Manufacturers of veterinary medical equipment depend on precise motion control products to produce exam tables, ventilators and injection pumps to take care of the most vulnerable pets, when it matters most.

Motion's Best Friend

Our ball screw technology has become an integral part of keeping today’s veterinary medicine manufacturing and production on the move. That’s what’s kept us moving for almost 50 years, and why we remain open during this time: to provide motion solutions for your unique application, supported with one of the largest inventories of ball screws, acme screws, free-wheeling ball screws and accessories.

With many products available in stainless steel, RBS can handle both high and low volume programs so that medical OEMs can increase their ability to meet demand.

Our Value:

  • Fastest lead times in the industry with ready-to-ship inventory
  • Stainless steel products for medical applications
  • Expert engineers to assist with product selection and custom solutions
  • Custom designs for high and low volume requirements
  • Stocking agreements, including tailored JIT and Kanban programs

We are here to help

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We also have useful resources to help you find, size and select products if you know what you need.