Rockford Ball Screw’s strong and comprehensive product knowledge combined with our engineering expertise is revolutionizing the value-added assembly services we provide our customers.

We utilize specialized assembly equipment and fixturing that can provide ready-to-use linear motion assemblies for rapid insertion into your products, including:

  • Actuator sub-assemblies with bushings, bearings, gears, sprockets, and/or couplers
  • Specialized torquing with lock nuts and/or thread lock adhesive
  • Journal sleeves for bearings and spacers
  • Flange pinning, safety spring installation, wiper installation, and grease zerk fittings
  • Bearing mount (bearing supports / end supports) installation on screw journals
  • Preload ball nut assemblies
  • Epoxy sealing of components for moisture and/dust egress prevention
  • Ball nut grease injection and screw assembly greasing
  • Bellows installation