With nearly half a century of experience keeping production on the move, we know how important it is to keep linear motion components up-and-running.

Service & Repair

When you need ball screw repair, service is of the essence and expertise is critical. Both values are evident from your first call to our service team.

We stand by with free comprehensive evaluations, supported by reverse engineering and failure mode analysis. Once the problem is diagnosed, we can offer repair services with a fast turnaround, reducing machine down time, and saving up to 70% the amount of replacing equipment.

Services Provided:

Design Optimization

Reverse Engineering

Failure Mode Analysis

Technical Drawings

Ball Screw Repair:

  • Repair Machine Ends (bearing journals)
  • Repair Threaded Ends
  • Repair Key Ways in Ends

Rebuilding Bearing Mounts

Replace Ball Screw Bearings in Ball Nuts

Why Choose Rockford Ball Screw For Your Repair:

  • Large inventory of raw materials & component parts
  • Range of diameters, lengths, and materials
  • Reduced downtime with rapid turn-around (expedited service available)
  • New ball screw if damaged beyond economical repair


  • All Brands/manufacturers (ex: Rockford ball screw, American Ball Screw, Twentieth Century, Cincinnati, NSK, Thomson/Saginaw, Tsubaki, THK, Warner Electric, Beaver Precision Products)
  • Foreign and domestic
  • Diameter = up to 6 inches
  • Length = up to 40 feet
  • Rolled and precision ground screws
  • Standard (inch) and metric sizes/dimensions
  • Carbon steel & stainless steel
  • Wide range of ball bearings (steel, ceramic & plastic)
  • Customized backlashes
  • Internal and external return tubes