Rockford Ball Screw technicians team with our customer's technical staff to design and develop prototype solutions to meet unique requirements.

Custom Solutions

Rockford Ball Screw has many years of experience in adapting and retrofitting ball and ACME screws screw assemblies, both Acme and Ball Bearing, into a wide array of applications. Our engineering team walks with you step-by-step from inception through installation. Although we showcase numerous "standard" products, we do many modifications and supply "specials" on a regular basis.

Please feel free to contact our support team to discuss your requirements.

Rockford Ball Screw offers full service machining capabilities to supply standard and uniquely designed screw assemblies that are ready for installation. In addition, we offer standard end machining that can accommodate our line of bearing mounts or we can machine ends to your specifications. Screws can also be supplied cut to length. However, it is recommended to have the screw ends factory annealed to assist subsequent machining.